As a medical student there are times that you may unfortunately find yourself being emotionally hurt or distressed. It is important that you have the appropriate support and someone to talk to whether a friend, family member, peer supporter, welfare officer or college advisor. Occasionally there are situations where student have had bad experiences with doctors or members of staff within the Oxford University hospital trust, DGHs or GP setting. Comments have ranged from being made to feel incredibly unwelcome in clinics, having their confidence undermined, being insulted or shouted at and feeling like they were being personally victimised. You may wish to contact Dr Lois Brand at with any comments or worries you have.

Alternatively, check out the Raising Concerns Weblearn page which will help you identify who may be best to discuss concerns - even if then only appear minor. There are also links to guidance from external bodies.

The page can be accessed at: It can also be found in the left hand menu bar on the Med 4-6 home page on WebLearn.

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