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With the women’s squad having been Head of the River in Summer Eights and in Torpids more than any other College in the history of Oxford rowing (nine times as OHBC, ten as Osler-Green) Osler House Boat Club (OHBC) is steeped in rowing heritage. Standing proud amongst its ranks of alumni boatmen are Regius Professor of Medicine Sir John Bell and clinical director of surgery Professor Neil Mortensen, amongst many other leading figures of the medical world.

By the time most of you hit clinical school, the rowers and coxswains amongst you will have wasted at least three tragic years rowing, meaning that our first boats are often amongst the most experienced on the Isis. But compared to undergraduate rowing OHBC provides a gentler, more mature and medic-friendly approach to rowing: weekday evening and weekend outings only! No early mornings!

We share our boathouse with Brasenose College Boat Club on Boathouse Island. Typically, we enter crews for Summer Eights and Torpids, as well as some smaller regattas like Oriel and the City of Oxford if there is sufficient interest.

If you do fancy a paddle/some coxing (whether occasionally or more seriously), do drop us a line and we’ll be sure to sort you out. Do follow us on Twitter, too (see above).

Osler Cricket


Osler Cricket Club is twinned with Green-Templeton College. The Club welcomes all comers of all abilities, and plays in 20/20 matches in the evenings in the University’s departmental Jack Cox league, along with occasional fixtures against colleges and visiting teams. We’re a friendly and fun club, with an emphasis on giving everyone a chance to throw some willow at some leather, while still maintaining a respectable standing in the leagues. Anyone with an interest in playing, whether as a beginner or an old hand should feel free to get in touch!

The Cardiac Cycles (Osler Cycling Club)


When people complain about Headington hill, do you keep quiet because secretly you love overtaking people who don’t even know they’re racing on it? Can you not resist giving them ‘The Look’ over your shoulder? If so, this is the cycling club for you.

We have girls and guys of all abilities, all the way from walking on ‘Hell Hill’ to Mount Ventoux conquering legends. We go out for rides, talk about and touch our bikes in a way that is simply not acceptable in everyday life. The rides vary from a quick apres-hospital spin to longer weekend rides with coffee stops.

You don’t have to have a super fancy bike or be smeared in lycra to join in. Realistically you probably should have a road bike, but that’s it. Get in touch and we’ll stick you on the WhatsApp group we use to arrange rides. If you’ve never ridden in a group before, that’s fine!

Osler Men’s Football Club


The number 1 became a bit of a theme of our season last year: total number of points in the league, goals scored by our top scorer(s), times we managed to field 11 players, the list goes on... Whilst these stats undoubtedly make impressive reading, the footballers of Osler House do not dwell on former glories. Enthusiasm for the season ahead is high, skill levels are mediocre, and chat is at an all time low.

In the immortal words of Brian Clough: “Players lose you games, not tactics. There’s so much rubbish talked about tactics by people who barely know how to play dominoes.” With a team built on a stellar combination of hangovers and tactical vacuity, this is our year.

Osler Women’s Football Club


Most would probably say Osler House Women’s Football Club dominates the Osler sports scene. They would not be wrong. It is a relaxed and fun club for any girls who are keen to give football a go (or fancy an afternoon of ice creams/scones post kick around). We tend to rely on enthusiasm (aggression), experience and skill is certainly not necessary. We play in both the uni league and a knock-out cuppers competition. It is normally one match every one to two weeks and most will be on Saturday or Sunday. You’re welcome to play when you can make it, no need to commit to every match. Matches start at the beginning of Michaelmas term. We are excited already…!

Osler Mixed Lacrosse Club


Osler mixed lacrosse is open to all, beginners and experienced players welcome. Practices will be flexible according to the team’s wishes. Depending on interest, there’s the opportunity to play in the College league and cuppers, allowing us to play matches in a relaxed environment. Please contact us for more information!

Osler Mixed and Women’s Netball Club


Osler Netball is for anyone who would like to play the odd netball match, whether you are a total beginner or an absolute pro! We take part in the University College League, so play weekly matches each weekend during the first 2 terms of the year and try and fit in some informal training sessions too. Boys are also welcome to play mixed matches. Osler Netball is fun and informal and we have headbands so come join!!

Osler House Rugby Football Club

Social Secretary:

On a sunny evening in May Osler House RFC pulled off a famous victory on the hallowed turf of Iffley Road, winning the Cuppers trophy in front of a huge Medical School crowd fuelled by refreshments kindly provided by Dr. Lancaster. In just three months we went from unheard-of outsiders without a pitch or a full team to a world-beating side with a fan club and a reputation for running rugby not seen since the French flair of the 90s. If this kind of fairy-tale is for you then join the reigning champions as we start our title defence by competing in the League competition in October.

We’re looking to continue our meteoric rise with regular training sessions, even more regular drinks sessions, and weekend matches in the heady heights of Division 5. The key to success is a big squad, and absolutely everyone is welcome, whether you’re a seasoned rugby pro or have never picked up a ball in your life and you just want to see what it’s all about.

Osler house also has a highly successful and active mixed touch rugby team. Past experience is definitely not required: we are very relaxed and aim to play around once a week. Mixed Touch Cuppers is on the 8th of October so we’re going to hit the ground running this term. Get in touch or join the Facebook group for updates!

Osler Squash


Keen squash player? Or just ever wondered what sport to play on those dark winter evenings when it’s pouring with rain and you have too much energy to work but it’s too miserable to go outside? Then join the Squash Club! All players/standards welcome from people who’ve never played before and up. Email either of the Captains for more information.

Osler Tennis Club


Whether you are a novice or an aspiring Andy Murray / Serena Williams, you are welcome to join our tennis sessions, which will typically be held at one of the Colleges’ tennis court(s). In Trinity term there will also be the opportunity to play in the College Leagues, depending on interest. Email to sign up on the mailing list, or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch directly with Kinseng or David!

Osler Yoga

Reps: Elanor Watts and Chloe Duke

Osler Yoga is Osler's new Group Yoga Society, we hold regular FREE drop-in yoga sessions in Wing Tat Lee (these are to videos with no teacher present, so if you have a particular injury or think yoga might be unsuitable for you for whatever reason, we would recommend that you attend a class elsewhere to discuss this with a qualified yoga instructor first). All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced, and we aim to promote the physical and emotional benefits of yoga in a fun social environment, so come along! (At the moment these sessions are bring-your-own-mat but we hope to get funding to purchase some Osler Yoga mats soon for people to borrow.) To be kept up-to-date with the times of our sessions, please join our Facebook group at

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