Your Welfare Reps are Antonia Hamilton-Shield and Oliver Blanshard.

Email: osler.welfare@medschool.ox.ac.uk or antonia.hamilton-shield@medschool.ox.ac.uk or oliver.blanshard@medschool.ox.ac.uk

An integral part of being a medical student means keeping yourself happy and healthy! No matter how small your worries, there is always someone at Osler house you can turn to for support. In addition to the welfare reps, we have a whole team of peer supporters ready and waiting to listen to your problems and –where possible- help you find solutions to them.

In addition to improving your day-to-day wellbeing, the welfare team also arranges events throughout the year to help you relax and unwind in the middle of what can be quite a hectic clinical school schedule.

If you are at all worried about anything please see below for some useful contacts or get in touch with Sam or Sian and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Dr Lois Brand (Associate Director of Clinical Studies) who co-ordinates the Medical School’s network of pastoral support for students. Please don’t hesitate to speak to her, no matter how small you think your problem is!

Email: lois.brand@ndm.ox.ac.uk, phone: 01865 228910, PA: Angela Knight, PA email: angela.knight@medsci.ox.ac.uk

A list of other really good support services can be found in your Welfare cards. Get in touch with the welfare reps if you require a new one!

EVERYONE feels overwhelmed and stressed sometimes so if you do, don't panic, you're not alone! Please reach out for help!

Condoms and pregnancy tests

Just a quick reminder that if you would like condoms/lube/a pregnancy test, please submit an order using the online form at http://tinyurl.com/oslercondoms, or get in touch with Sam or Siân, and they will be discreetly pidged to you in an envelope. This is highly confidential.

We try our best to maintain our stock which includes: Durex Elite condoms, non-latex Mate SKYN condoms, Pasante Light lubricant, and Pasante MediCheck MidStream Wand pregnancy tests. Please remember to double-check the date on the condoms when you use them, and be careful if you suspect you may have a latex allergy.

If you require something else in particular please let us know and we will look into getting hold of it in our next order

Emergency contraception

We can also reimburse for pregnancy tests and morning after pills – just hang on to your receipt, send an email to welfare@osler.co.uk or get in touch with either Sam or Siân.

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